Monday, 15 March 2021

Removing Glue Stains From Wood Flooring

Eliminating glue stains from wood flooring is a really common topic when it comes to wood floors talks. Wood flooring, whether or not it is solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring is a very attractive and popular floors option. Even hinted to make homes easier to market as well as more likely to sell at a better price, hardwood floors is an extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing floors option, no matter your household make up.

When it comes to eliminating adhesive stains from wood flooring, you have to be careful to not damage either the end of your flooring, or even worse, deeper into the flooring . One of the first items to establish (if at all possible) is the type of glue stain you are handling. Glue comes in a whole range of types, but most should be removable using the methods we explain below.

If your adhesive stain is still wet, it ought to be comparatively easily removed using a moist cloth, enabling you to receive your flooring looking good again in a matter of moments. Nevertheless, if the adhesive has a opportunity to dry, your job will probably be somewhat more challenging.

Among the greatest methods to eliminate dried in adhesive stains from hardwood floors would be to use a top excellent hardwood flooring cleaner. If you are in any doubt regarding that cleaner will best fit your flooring type and special adhesive blot, a fantastic hardwood flooring provider will have the ability to provide help.

The very best method to handle the stain, as soon as you're confident you have the cleaner, would be to spray it lightly on to a soft cloth. Spraying the cleaner on to the cloth this manner means you can be sure you're not going to employ a lot of to the one area of your flooring. As soon as you've sprayed your fabric, rub the glue blot with the dampened cloth and leave to simmer for up to five minutes. At that point, the glue must have softened sufficiently to allow you to scrape the glue away using a plastic scraper, taking care not to damage your flooring. It's a good idea, when adopting this strategy, to check beforehand the cleaner you've selected in an inconspicuous place on the floor to be certain that it doesn't harm the floor's finish.

Friday, 23 October 2020

Does wide plank flooring work in small spaces?

When it's your Dream House inspiration, your favorite Instagram accounts, along with your besties new home it appears to be everywhere! I can not help but believe it's for good reason too. Wide plank flooring has this special ability to add instant personality and appeal to any room! If you're like most people, you're most likely sitting there thinking, but will it work for me? My rooms are not huge and I don't wish to make the space appear smaller than it is.

Contrary to what you might believe - wide plank floors doesn't make your space seem smaller. In fact, in most small spaces, it provides visual interest that is unique. The broad planks play tricks on your eyes and boost your space rather than taking away from your own design. To be honest, you may spend more time appreciating your wide plank floors to detect anything else from the room, but perhaps I'm a bit biased!

Take this Kid-Friendly Space. .

This is an extremely compact space! You've got poor lighting, painted wood walls, and kids toys throughout. Do you think the floor looks out of place, congested, or closed in? If you are like us, you probably will concur that it really enhances the space. The visual interest using all the wood grain along with the mild stain helps to keep this distance in line with our style targets but also SUPER child friendly! (Who says we constantly have to forfeit our home style for our kids?)

Listed below are a few tips to enhance your small area:

Keep it mild ! Pick light & airy wall colours. Whites, mild creams, and gray tones will become your friend.

Simplify the space - incorporate a few of your favorite items, but reduce bulky unnecessary and furniture things in the space. Incorporate a few greenery and pops of colour to add character to the space.

Make your floors the centerpiece of this space. Hey, who needs excess when your floors stand alone?

And... In the event you still aren't convinced, here are a few more magnificent small spaces with wide plank flooring to help you change your mind.

Therefore, if you're thinking about going broad plank, then we propose go for it! Do not be bashful. In any case, we have never heard some of our customer's EVER regret going with their broad plank floors .


Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Mouse Grey Wood Flooring: Get The Prestige Look

Wood flooring is a natural product. Regardless of whether you decide on solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring, you are aware that you're bringing a beautiful and luxurious piece of nature in your house. Often when people shop around for wood flooring for the first time, they envision that they will have the ability to possess brown, brown or brownish. Granted, the colors that they imagine might range from very light, to quite dark; however, the real nuances of the range of colors of wood flooring these days is huge. Mouse grey wood flooring is a fantastic example of how subtle shade differences can make a huge difference to the end result.

Mouse grey is a wood flooring color that is much in demand and often debated. Is a mouse actually grey or is it grey brown? Well the solution is (probably) that it depends upon (on the mouse!) . In Fact, mice range from grey blonde, to grey black and at Hampton Floor Sanding We have a range of mouse grey wood flooring that will permit you to get the prestige look you are hoping for, no matter whether you want dark or light. 1 thing is for certain and that is how funny it is these shades of flooring can raise a nice, but not spectacular space to something quite striking. And this is probably why so many people are looking for this alternative as their way of incorporating actual prestige to their property.

In this guide we will give you five of our best mouse grey timber flooring options that'll allow you to get a sense of how you might use this styling solution in your own home. No matter which room in the house you're looking to re-floor, these flooring solutions would be perfect. Certain are suitable for installation over under floor heating. So, as soon as you've read this piece, all you need to do is make your choice, arrange your wood flooring and wait for it to arrive so that you can get on with transforming your house.

Here are five Choices that we think work Tremendously well:

Natural Engineered Oak London Grey UV Oiled 14/3 by 150mm by 400-1500mm. This wood flooring alternative is a lovely gray tone and gets the bonus of now being available (at the time of writing) with a 57% discount on its previous cost. Suitable for setup over under floor heating in addition to in bathrooms and kitchens, this solution is not only great looking, it's highly practical also. Having a good combination of plank lengths in each package, you'll also get a stunningly random end result.
Select Engineered Oak London Grey UV Oiled 14/3 by 190mm by 1900 mm. This mouse gray flooring option boasts all of the very same benefits as Option 1, but has wider boards and each pack is made up of exactly the identical length of plank. This means is that if you desire a truly regular, yet natural looking alternative, then this one is for you.
Organic Engineered Oak Summer Grey Hardwax Oiled 20/5mm by 180mm by 400-1500mm.
For anybody who is concerned about grey being"too gray", this"summer grey" alternative is the best compromise. With a beautiful, nearly oblong shade, this is a color you'll never tire of and what is more, with its hardwax oiled end, it is going to stand up to the test of time; regardless of how thick or large your footfall.
Engineered Oak Click Spring Grey UV Oiled 14/3 by 190mm by 400-1500mm. Considering all the
same advantages as numbers 1 and 2 above, with this mouse grey alternative, you also get the luxury of simplicity of matching, thanks to its own click system. For anyone who's unfamiliar with this, click system floors is intended to click fast and tightly into place across the length of each board as well as at the ends. This means that if you fit it, you don't need to worry about nails or adhesive, nor do you want to be concerned later about the probability of accidental spills finding their way under the surface of your floor.
Organic Engineered Oak Urban Grey Hardwax Oiled 15/4mm by 200 by 2200mm.
An actual grey option, this urban hardwood floors solution stunning and especially suited to contemporary interiors. That said, if the prestige appearance you have in mind is more classic, there's no reason why this floor won't function. We've found it used in shabby chic settings as well as in rooms adorned with antiques and it actually works at the ends of the spectrum; so it's well worth considering for your job.

If you fancy using mouse grey wood flooring in your next project, but are still unsure, why not get in touch so we can help you decide? At Floor Sanding Hampton there are few flooring situations we haven’t experienced in our time, so we have plenty of experience and ideas to share. And it costs nothing to chat; so why not get in touch today?

Monday, 29 October 2018


Floor sanding is the process of taking away the top layer of the wood flooring and replacing it with a brand new one. The process is hard, but might create superior results if done properly. If you would like to complete the sanding process on your own, then below are a few basic actions to assist.

You can find a massive sander from a local supplier store. You'll also need a specialised edge sander for the edges. These sanders are essential to attain the desired results. The large sander is required for the main area of the floor. Move the sanders continuously to achieve an even effect. Don't maintain the shredder in the same place for a long time period. Sanders are strong machines and can damage the flooring if not used correctly. While approaching the end of the room, turn around and continue sanding in the contrary direction. Fill out the gaps in the floorboards.

The marks in the wood could be removed with the support of an edge sander. After that you can alter the grade of the paper. This will help to eliminate scratches by eradicating the top most layer of the wood.

Nonetheless, it's advisable to seek the assistance of an expert before buying the caliber of this paper. Keep on changing the grade of the paper for a smooth end. This will prepare the surface of the wooden floor for staining.

If you aren't confident, you may always seek the help of an expert to aid you in the floor sanding procedure.

Monday, 15 October 2018


The flooring is one of the most essential pieces of any home. It's also the significant aspect considered by house owners during the construction of a new residence. Consumers typically opt for tiles to decorate their house. Such tiles have a tendency to get soiled because of persistent use. They can also break as a result of physical impact. Hardwood floors is a workable alternative which can last for many years.

Enhance your home

Hardwood flooring strengthens the visual splendour of the home. This flooring is eco friendly as well. Wood may be recycled, so providing an excess benefit to the users. This particular flooring type has been around for several years. Moreover, this flooring has lived the changing marketplace trends and remains tremendously popular among customers. The significant advantage of hardwood flooring is that it may match any d├ęcor and interior.

Improve the look of your home

Hardwood flooring is an essential part of home renovation or decoration projects. It is quite simple to install. Several rooms, such as dining rooms, drawing rooms and bedroom insides will seem more tasteful via hardwood floors. Consult an expert if you're not knowledgeable about the do it yourself method. Such professionals may also provide a huge number of hardwood flooring patterns and types.

Select the pattern and design of your choice and enhance the appearance of your home.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


When you are a landlord, and if your prior tenants have only vacated your property, you want to ensure that you give yourself a fighting chance of immediately gaining new tenants- and that means ensuring that the expression of your house is up to scratch.

Even if your previous tenants were the most house-proud people about, and made the effort to clean the home from top to bottom prior to their departure, there are bound to be places which need sprucing up a little- and - floor is commonly among them.

There'll be few things more off-putting to potential new tenants than carpeting that look worn and dirty, and when this is the case on your property, you ought to consider replacing these rugs with hardwood floors.

Wooden flooring will instantly improve the appearance of your property, and each room in which it's installed will look extremely beautiful even when it's completely empty.

Good quality hardwood floors will see you through many future tenants to come too, particularly in case you decide on a really durable timber.

A wooden flooring Hampton expert can affordably give you and install quality wooden flooring, and can help you to acquire new tenants quickly signing on the dotted line.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


When they are planning to install hardwood floors for the first time, those with passable DIY skills frequently wrongly believe that they'll be able to finish the whole process themselves. More often that not however , it transpires that this is not the case, and it immediately becomes evident that professional intervention is required.

There is really no substitute for a hardwood flooring professional, as they can provide advice and help every step of the way.

Making the incorrect flooring investment may have very costly consequences, so their assistance here is essential.

After investing in your hardwood flooring, a professional is the best person to install itno matter how proficient you believe you are at DIY.

Once installed, a hardwood flooring professional can then supply you with advice on how to clean flooring and suggestions on keeping it looking great for as long as you can.